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Self-Managed Super Funds

Are you one of those people who likes control, particularly over your investments? 
If so, a self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) might just suit you.  If you set one up though, it is important that you understand your obligations as trustee of the fund in relation to the running and reporting of the fund.

If you already have a self-managed superannuation fund, we can help assess whether this is still a suitable structure for you and provide advice on investments for the fund.

Self-managed superannuation funds are not suitable for everybody as you must have the ability, time and knowledge necessary to operate a superannuation fund.  Your super balance will also need to be large enough to ensure that the running costs are feasible.  If you are interested in a self-managed superannuation fund, we will help assess whether this is a suitable option for you.
SMSFs are becoming an increasingly popular choice as the preferred retirement-savings vehicle for many Australians and 20/20 Advice specialises in providing expert advice in this area to ensure that your fund is compliant and running effectively.
The complexities in establishing and administering a SMSF cannot be understated.  The laws and regulations are constantly changing and the penalties for getting something wrong can be severe.  We, at 20/20 Advice will partner with you to ensure your SMSF is, and stays, compliant.  We can help you establish your fund, we will provide ongoing administration and advice, and when and if the time comes, we will be there to wind up your fund correctly.

Having a specialist partner when running your own SMSF, like 20/20 Advice, can save you time, worry and money and make sure you reach your retirement goals sooner.


The SMSF advice we provide includes:

 Establishing your fund, including: 
- Provision of up-to-date Trust Deed
- Set up of Corporate Trustee (where advised)
- Provision of Company Constitution (where advised)
- All documentation and registration
 Considered Investment Strategy
 Analysing and selecting investment alternatives
 Consolidation of existing superannuation funds
 Effective Estate planning for your superannuation assets

 Consideration of insurance within SMSF
 Superannuation and retirement planning strategies
 Borrowing in your SMSF
 Ongoing administration of your SMSF:
- Transaction recording and tracking
- Processing and recording of any changes
- Compliance monitoring and alerts
- Annual audit of your SMSF
- Preparation and lodgement of annual tax return
 Ongoing monitoring and advice
‚Äč Winding up your SMSF
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