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Super & Retirement Planning

You're never too young to start dreaming about your retirement and working on strategies to build your retirement nest egg. 

Ask yourself the question, “How much income will I need each year to fund the lifestyle I am dreaming about in my retirement?” Once you know this number, the next questions are “What lump sum, or assets, do I need to fund this income?” and “What do I need to do to get there?”
This is where we can help you; partnering with you to create and execute the strategies that will put you on the right path to achieving your retirement goals.
Superannuation is the investment vehicle that has been specifically designed to build retirement wealth and attracts significant taxation advantages.  Most adult Australians have at least one superannuation fund; in fact many Australians have two or more funds, making it difficult to manage their super and often increasing the amount of fees they are paying.
Choosing the right fund and then managing it on an ongoing basis can save you money and get you to your retirement goals sooner.  At 20/20 Advice, we will give you advice on your superannuation and retirement needs now and provide ongoing advice to ensure that you stay on track.

The sooner you start planning for your retirement, the earlier you will be able to retire so what are you waiting for?  Call or email us today for an initial consultation. 

The super & retirement planning advice we provide includes:

 Choosing the most appropriate superannuation fund for you
 Considering a self-managed superannuation fund

 Analysing and selecting investment alternatives

Consideration of insurance within your superannuation fund

 Effective Estate planning for your superannuation assets

 Consolidation of existing superannuation funds
 Contribution, salary sacrifice and splitting strategies

 Transition to retirement advice

 Retirement and pre-retirement advice

 Foreign superannuation fund advice

 Ongoing monitoring and advice
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